Virtual Meeting Professionals

Experienced. Skilled. Effective.

The term “virtual” has become our industry’s battle cry. Some of this was planned, but many have been forced down this down this path due to adherence to social distancing guidelines. Either way, let’s face it: how we currently conduct meetings and events has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual meetings are produced by way of video and teleconferencing software and have proven to be a valuable resource for connecting, engaging and remaining productive during this time. Meeting and event professionals continue to be a valuable asset when conducting virtual meetings. They have been driven to adapt and learn new skills to best serve the needs of our time.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the new roles that have been created during the pandemic:

Virtual Meeting Moderator: The moderator plays an active role in the virtual meeting and provides its participants with information regarding the purpose of the meeting, its agenda, rules of engagement and any other necessary instruction. They are proficient with technology being utilized and are responsible for keeping to the meeting’s time allotment. At the end of the session, the moderator may ask audience questions from either what has been entered on the platform’s chat box feature or directly to the speakers during the presentation.

Virtual Meeting Facilitator: The facilitator is a third party, impartial representative who assists participants in achieving a specific goal during the meeting. They help guide the conversation to allow the participants to focus on the meeting’s content while using the platform’s technology tools such as chat, audience polling, muting/unmuting and being able to answer basic questions about the technology being used.

Virtual Event Manager and/or Producer: The Event Manager or Producer promotes events with the keen knowledge of how to create high-value experiences for your audience Think ROI. They serve as the “go-to” person for the management of the online event and coordinate and oversee all aspects of planning from conception to execution. Viewed as experts in their field, they are adept at operating various types of virtual meeting platforms, possess a deep knowledge of meeting production workflow, easily manage virtual break out rooms and oversee audience participant management. The Virtual Event Producer is responsible for coordinating and configuring the layout, design and features during a clients’ virtual engagement process. They are a vital resource who supports the facilitator, the participants and the technology.

Virtual Event Tech Specialist: The Tech Specialist provides behind the scenes tech support for event hosts and attendees via phone, chat, and/or video chat during their event. They assist with every aspect of technical support to ensure that the technology platform of choice is optimized The VET addresses all technology issues during the event to ensure a seamless client and attendee experience.

As always, GCG Event Partners is here for every event, everywhere, every time. Whether an event was initially planned as a virtual meeting or it had to be switched from an in-person meeting, we are here to help. From within our network of members, we will match planners with professionals that have the necessary video conferencing skills. Whether you are looking for someone to manage an entire virtual event or personnel to help with different aspects of one, we are ready to assist.

Our Virtual Meeting Professionals are also members of our On-Site Professionals network, so when live, in-person meetings are back in style, we will be ready and here for you.