Temporary Event Staff

Tem•po•rar•y E•vent Staff /tem-puh-rer-ee ih-vent stahf/– noun: 1. A worker hired, usually through an agency, on a short term basis to work during a meeting or event. 2. A member of an on-site team that performs a specific task or function. 3. A group of workers hired for a meeting or event. 4. A worker or workers brought in from the local area to handle specific tasks at an event or meeting.–Synonyms: Temps, Conference Staff, Event Staff –Related Forms: Temporary Staffers, Temporaries, Temps

Temporary Event Staff, GCG’s Way

At GCG Event Partners, Temporary Event Staff means dependable, dedicated and committed professionals who work in the meeting and event industry. Temporary staff is a term that covers a wide range. It can be used for anything from a seasoned industry veteran with multiple certifications to someone that just wants to pick up a few extra dollars working at an event on a given. There is a wide gap between these two examples that covers lots of people, so where does GCG Event Partners fit? Our temp staff are seasoned professionals with a minimum of 3 years of industry experience and an average of 11 years of relevant experience.

It is our goal to provide you with the perfect solution to your staffing needs. We’ve worked hard doing so for our clients since 2003. By utilizing our network of over 4,000 members across the US, we’re able to locate and secure the exact type of temporary staff you’re looking for. It’s true that we aren’t the best solution for everyone.  There are certain temporary staff roles that are not a good fit for the expertise of our members. Some examples of these include Waitstaff, Bartenders, Street Teams, Booth Models, Security Staff and similar other roles. This is not to say that these roles don’t require skills or professionals, but they don’t align with the skillset of our members that have pursued careers in event and meeting planning and management.

The members of our network work under numerous different job titles; meeting planner, event planner, meeting professional, event professional, hostess, registrar, temp, on-site assistant, travel director and booth assistant to name a few.  They collectively possess an average of 11 years of meeting and event experience which is a key factor in our industry and differentiates us from other staffing companies. When looking to hire high caliber temporary event staff, you want to be able to trust that you are securing the best in the industry.

What Are You Searching For?

As mentioned above, the term “Temporary Event Staff” is a general term that encompasses a large number of roles. In fact, searching for temp staff is probably what brought you to this page. The problem is that because it is such a broad term, searching for it can bring you to a lot of different places. So, what kind of temporary event staff or staffing company are you really looking for? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What will your temporary event staff be doing? What skillset do they need?
  • How much experience do you need the temporary staff to have?
  • Is it beneficial for the staff to have experience in your industry?
  • Do you need a company that can help you all over the US, or are all of your meetings in the same city or town?
  • Are you looking for a company that communicates with both you and its staff throughout the process?
  • Are there any certifications that you need the staff to have?
  • How does a company you are considering select the staff for your meeting or event?

These questions are just some examples of things to consider when searching for staff. Unfortunately, there isn’t a widely accepted term that describes our membership. We use the term On-Site Professional to characterize them. They are professionals from the meeting and event industry with experience performing varied roles at live meetings, conferences, expos, trade shows, and other events. That being said, they still fall under the umbrella term – temporary event staff. Or members go to our client’s meetings with various backgrounds and certifications, but when they are onsite, they are solely focused on executing our clients plans. They can manage an entire meeting while it is taking place or they can assist with the execution of the event by being a member of a team.

How Do You Measure the Success of Temporary Event Staff?

At GCG Event Partners, we are aware that the success of your meeting or event is of the utmost importance; In fact, your success is our success. The success of the meeting is the ultimate goal, but how do you consider if you were successful hiring your temporary event staff? There are many things to consider, but here are a few questions to ask yourself after the event:

  • Did the staff represent your company well?
  • Did the staff seem like part of your company, or was it obvious they were just hired for the day?
  • Was the staff able to perform the job without needing lots of questions answered, or hand-holding?
  • Did the staff know what they would be doing before they showed up onsite?
  • Was the staff dressed properly for your event?
  • Did the staff take direction easily?
  • Did the staff work towards your vision of a successful meeting?
  • Was the staff able to handle issues that came up with constantly searching for guidance?

If you can answer yes to all of those questions, that usually means the temp staff worked out really well which leads us back to a successful event. We appreciate that it’s not always easy handing over the reins to the events you’ve been preparing. We’ve built our reputation in this industry by assisting with or fully managing countless events successfully.

There are many aspects of how we work that leads to our clients’ success. When partnering with us, our national network of professional event staff becomes a part of your team, and we want to be the best team possible.  Here are some of the things we do to help ensure that:

  • Hand-select each person to match your needs and requirements
  • Provide the temporary staff with all pertinent information prior to the event
  • Check-in with the event staff to make sure they have received everything they need for the event
  • Check-in with the temp staff to make sure nothing has happened to prevent them from working the event
  • Check-in with you after the event to make sure you were satisfied with the personnel
  • Keep track of staff you have worked with in the past so we can match you up with them again in the future

The Benefits of Temporary Event Staff

Working with local professionals means that you can save time and money, both important considerations when working within budgetary and grant constraints. Whether you need an On-Site Meeting Manager to handle an event’s logistics from beginning to end, or you need an extra set of experienced hands to manager your registration desk, or you need a professional to manage you trade show booth, we’ve got you covered. Our event staff works onsite carrying out your wishes and bringing your plans to life.

  • Save Time and Money

Since our staff will be local, you eliminate airfare, hotel rooms, meal expenses, airport parking, and other costs that come with sending your staff to an event.

  • Save Time and Stay Focused on Your business

With your GCG personnel onsite, you and your team are able to remain where you ultimately need and want to be, in your office saving valuable time by not traveling and handling other pressing responsibilities.

  • Add Local Expertise

Plus, being local means your event staff will be familiar with the area and often the venue itself.

Since our staff will be local, you eliminate airfare, hotel rooms, meal expenses, airport parking, and other costs that come with sending your staff to an event. Plus, being local means your event staff will be familiar with the area and often the venue itself. With your GCG personnel onsite, you and your team are able to remain where you ultimately need and want to be, in your office saving valuable time by not traveling and handling other pressing responsibilities.

Temp Staff Categories Offered by GCG Event Partners

  • On-Site Event Managers: The clients we partner with entrust us to take over their role and responsibilities after they have completed all the event’s pre-planning. Once our clients identify and secure the venue, make facilitator/speaker arrangements, select food and beverage options and order audio-visual equipment, they hire our onsite meeting professionals to step in and facilitate the event. Our onsite managers begin with pre-event conference calls and then review the meeting’s itinerary, show up at the venue and manage the event ensuring that all that all the client’s pre-planning specifications are fulfilled.
  • Assistant On-Site Event Professionals: Our Assistant On-Site Professionals have the same qualifications as our On-Site Event Managers, however if you are using our assistant level, it means you have someone on location that can give them direction. Assistant On-Site Meeting Professionals provide the support needed to keep your events running smoothly. Whether you need extra sets of hands, or you need to free up your staff to handle other aspects of an event, you’ll have access to someone with the precise skills you are looking for. We can even arrange an entire team of people, if that is what you need.
  • Trade Show Professionals: Trade Shows can be very busy places and you want to make sure you talk to as many attendees as possible. Whether you need someone there to manage the booth for the duration of the event, or you need extra help in the booth to ensure every visitor to your booth is attended to, we have the right staff for you. The Trade Show Professionals can talk with potential customers while your sales team is occupied, hand out materials, demonstrate products and services, answer questions, collect attendee information, and much more. Click here to see a case study showing how we helped one particular customer with their trade shows.
  • Meeting Planners: There are many reasons you could be looking for a meeting planner. You could be going through an extremely busy period where you need help for a short duration, you could have a member of your team out of the office for an extended period, or you could be looking to add someone to your team permanently. Within our network of 4,000 plus members, we have many meeting planners with varied backgrounds. Let us know what you are looking for and our team can find someone with the right skills and background for your company.

Types of Events:

There are too many different types of events that require temporary event staff to list them all. Below are some examples of events we provide staff to on a frequent basis. If you don’t see your event type on the list, don’t worry we’ve still got you covered.

Corporate Meetings Medical Education Meetings Training Meetings
Trade Shows Conventions Product Launches
Educational Symposiums Dinner Meetings Seminars
Movie Premieres Social Events Presentation Meetings
Training Meetings Dine-arounds Road Shows
Weddings Festivals Fairs

    Temporary Event Staff Certifications

    Many of our network members have earned professional industry certifications which requires classes, training and testing. These designations include:

    • Certified Meeting Planner (CMP)
    • Certified Association Executive (CAE)
    • Certified Conference and Events Professional (CCEP)
    • Certified Destination Management Executive (CDME)
    • Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM)
    • Certified Facilities Executive (CFE)
    • Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP)
    • Certified for Manager of Exhibits and Healthcare (CME/H)
    • Certified Meeting Manager (CMM)
    • Certified Professional in Catering and Events (CPCE)
    • Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP)
    • Destination Management Certified Professional (DMCP)

    Temp Staff Pricing

    Every event is unique and has elements that can affect pricing. There are different hours, responsibilities and requirements to name a few. We provide no-obligation quotes, and our Account Managers are happy to discuss your event or meeting. Since we deal with so many events and meetings, we’re happy to share any insights or advice that may be helpful.  If we feel our services are not a fit, we’ll explain why and try to give you ideas for alternative solutions with other providers.

    GCG Event Partners is not the least expensive option, but we feel that we have the best value service. And our clients feel so also, many came to us after being frustrated with other alternatives and have continued to use our services for many years.   In a recent survey, clients ranked their overall satisfaction as 4.81 out of 5.

    The combination of our experienced professionals and our experience in selecting, coordinating and managing temporary staff coupled with our top-notch customer service adds up to a great customer experience.